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Hi, I'm that Crazy Webdev!

Hi! My name is Robin. I’m an enthusiastic developer from the Netherlands. I’m also the creator of Nindo, and this is my third blog. For dutch people, I also have a blog over here: Webdevelopment-En-Meer. If you want to know more about me, check my personal website. And for English readers, I also have a second blog where I post about solutions for stupid problems, creatively titled, Stupid Codes.

Enough about me, what’s this new blog all about? Well, like I said before, I already have a dutch blog where I regularly post about programming and my other hobbies. This blog is an attempt to reach a broader audience for my posts.

So what kind of posts can you expect? I mostly talk about programming and new stuff I learn, but also about software-development as a whole. I’m also a Linux enthusiast, so you’ll also see me talk about Linux and open-source in general a lot.

So, if you’re interested you can follow me via RSS or via

And then I will see you again when I post my very creative and fun posts :)

- Robin