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Plans and projects for 2022

Just like last year I’m writing about my goals and projects I want to complete this year. But first, how did I do last year? Well, in this post I wrote about my progress in 2021. Quick recap:

  • I wanted to learn Express (servers)
  • I wanted to build GTK+ apps
  • I wanted to learn React to build mobile apps with React Native
  • I wanted to create 3D games and prototypes using Three.js

So, did I accomplish these goals? Well, sorta. I didn’t do anything with GTK. Mostly because the docs suck, and for Node.js they are even worse. I might try Granite in the future. Who knows? But GTK and Linux deserve a whole post on their own.

I also got a bit distracted by Svelte, and I wrote a little app using Svelte instead of learning React as I planned. I still want to learn React because I like the idea to write iOS and Android apps using React Native. I recently saw this talk about integrating React Native with Phoenix Framework, which sounds cool.

I totally forgot Express to be honest. That may also illustrate how much I was actually interested in it.

But to end on a positive note: I’ve got a job at Qdentity since September 2021. I mentioned Phoenix Framework earlier in this post, and that is because that is what they use at Qdentity. So I’m learning Elixir and Phoenix now. Phoenix is a framework to build interactive websites and web apps in Elixir. You’ll hear me talk about it a lot more this year, so be prepared :)

Oh, I almost forgot: my plans for this year. I already mentioned Phoenix and Elixir, but I’m also still interested in React and React Native. Also cool: I’ve got a new app I’m working on. It’s called Nindo and I used it to publish this post before I transfered it to my own blog.

Happy new year everyone!